Jaguar Land Rover Seattle cheated me

I was ripped off by Jaguar Land Rover Seattle. Once I had paid for the vehicle they tried to charge for accessories that should have come with the vehicle. The $1,000 gift certificate was part of the deal but turned out to be worthless. Pianca Ahmed in the US corporate office said, “She heard that was going on”, but seemed uninterested in further details. I wasn’t allowed to talk to the President but she gave a generic email address for their parent company.
One would have expected some level of service after paying $105,000 for a vehicle. They didn’t send the license plate until after the temporary plate expired so we were not even able to drive the vehicle for a bit. When I complained to the BBB (this dealership isn’t even a member !!) the sales rep lied.
I am so disgusted with Land Rover and this dealership that I drive to Canada to have the vehicle serviced. Save yourself some headache and avoid these fraudsters !!

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